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WikiMAB is a project of the International Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities (ICSRC) inspired by the late Dr Fred Roots, OC.  It grew out of his concern that while Biosphere Reserves are ideal locations for research and monitoring, their findings rarely make it to the scientific community or general public, and are difficult for other Biosphere  Reserves to access.

The site will initially host content from the EuroMAB region in the English language and from knowledge systems representing  Western Science and Indigenous Knowledge.  The site adopts and supports the “UNESCO Policy on Engaging with Indigenous Peoples” which recognizes Indigenous People’s knowledge as knowledge systems in their own right, on par with scientific disciplines and programmes. Indigenous people will establish protocols for the sharing of Indigenous knowledge and ways of knowing.  As the site grows, content will eventually be accepted from all MAB regions globally and will be available in more languages. Discussions are in progress with respect to French and Spanish language versions.

WikiMAB will operate as a no-fee, “diamond level” Open Access site. It is in the process of adopting the Creative Commons licensing system to create a standardized way to grant copyright permissions to creative work. Watch for more detail to come.

WikiMAB welcomes contributions from Biosphere Reserves, their partner universities, research institutes and Indigenous Groups on research projects and best practices that address, in whole or in part, the 4 strategic objectives of the MAB Strategy (2015 – 2025).

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