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Forest and grassland

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agriculture, silviculture

The Riding Mountain Biosphere Reserve (RMBR) is a non-profit organization that seeks to balance the conservation of natural and cultural heritage with sustainable resource development in the area surrounding Riding Mountain National Park. RMBR includes the voluntary support of local business, community, educational and government partners working cooperatively to support prosperous local economies while maintaining healthy communities.


Our protected core is Riding Mountain National Park, and the area of cooperation includes 12 surrounding rural municipalities.

The core area covers some 3000 square kilometers of mixedwood forest (white spruce and trembling aspen, known locally as white poplar), eastern deciduous forest (ash, oak, elm, and cottonwood), and rough fescue prairie.

The surrounding area of cooperation comprises an additional 12,000 square kilometers, containing 28,000 residents, and has largely been developed for the growing of grain and forage crops, and for the production of livestock. In addition, the area is rich in lakes, streams and natural habitat, and hunting, guiding, and eco-tourism contribute to the local economy.

When the twentieth century began, humans had neither the numbers nor the technology to destroy the planet. Now we have and we are producing a crisis threatening the survival of life as we know it.



Biosphere Reserves provide excellent opportunities for research. The core area of Riding Mountain National Park preserves the diversity of local forms of life and serves as a baseline against which we can measure our use of resources. Some day we may desperately need the genes of plants or animals that have disappeared on land that is cultivated or grazed. Professionals can also study the interaction between wildlife and humans and can suggest ways to avoid conflict.



Biosphere Reserves are not places set aside from human use and development – human activity and the health of people and communities are an essential part of the Biosphere Reserve program. Residents and organizations in a Biosphere Reserve use a variety of activities to address conservation and sustainable development in ways that are meaningful for them; they also have opportunities to share their discoveries with others.



The Riding Mountain Biosphere Reserve is managed by a committee of area residents appointed by member Rural Municipalities. In addition, professionals provide advice and scientific information. Biosphere reserves can teach us principles of harmonious existence. These principles help us develop attitudes that will permit future generations to have a good li


UNESCO Designated

Riding Mountain Biosphere Reserve was designated in 1986, following application to UNESCO from the 15 Rural Municipalities which make up the area of cooperation, by the Province of Manitoba, and by Riding Mountain National Park of Canada.

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Riding Mountain Biosphere Reserve actively participates and promotes  programs developed to help the youngest members of our society learn about Biosphere Reserves conservation of biodiversity and sustainable development.

Reference: http://rmbr.ca/info/about/