Nedre Dalälven River Landscape Biosphere Reserve

       Country Sweden
       Region/Province/ or State
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       Date Founded 2011
       Size (hectares) 308,000
       Distinguishing Features A large part of the core area consists of the Färnebofjärden National Park, which is known for its great biodiversity.
       Main Industries (in terms of employment) silviculture, tourism, hunting, fishery, agriculture, industry


The Nedre Dalälven Biosphere Reserve River Landscape is a unique area. A large river with wide bays, separated by areas of rapids and delta landscape. A clear ground of agricultural land from the Middle-ages; it remains an open cultural landscape and with the Limes Norrlandicus, the meeting between north and south is clearer here than in any other place. This means that we have a greater variety of species than in any other area in Scandinavia as regards to mammals, birds and fish.


The Nedre Dalälven River landscape is a large, varied area bound together by many biological, social and cultural factors. To a great degree the area is the borderland between northern and southern Swedish conditions. This is reflected in several aspects, such as geological formations, climate and weather conditions, propagation patterns of species, building traditions in built-up areas, and other cultural and social conditions.