EuroMAB 2021

Biosphere Reserve Nockberge and Austria has officially applied to UNESCO and been awarded the contract to host EuroMAB in September 2021. More information will follow as plans develop. But for now, check out the beauty of the biosphere, it may be all the inspiration you need to join us in 2021!


Travel Information

The nearest Airports from the Biosphere Reserve are:
o Munich – you need by car 4 hours to us (by train 5 hours + 0,5 hours by shuttle)
o Vienna – you need by car 4,5 hours (by train 5 – 6 hours + 0,5 hours by shuttle)
o Ljubjana – you need by car 2 hours (by train 2,5 hours + 0,5 hours by shuttle)
o Venice – you need by car 3 hours (by train 4,5 hours + 0,5 hours by shuttle)

Contact Information

For more information about the Biosphere Reserve or EuroMAB 2021

Heinz Mayer
Kärntner Biosphärenparkfonds Nockberge
Ebene Reichenau 117
9565 Ebene Reichenau
Tel.: 0043 (0) 4275 / 665