Charlevoix Biosphere Reserve



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       Distinguishing Features

agricultural areas, river ecosystems, estuarine tidal marshes and flats, coniferous and mixed forests, stunted vegetation (krummholz) and mountain tundra ecosystems.

       Main Industries (in terms of employment)

tourism, fishery, silviculture, hunting


Around the world, biosphere reserves are learning sites designated by national governments and recognized by UNESCO.

Charlevoix is ​​one of the first reserves of the inhabited biosphere in Canada. Founded in 1988, its territory includes the Charlevoix RCM and the Charlevoix-Est RCM.


Since the summer of 2014, through the committee that became an advisory committee, the Corporation of the Charlevoix Biosphere Reserve has undertaken a major restructuring of its organization to further promote its mission and revive its action within its territory. exception.