North Devon Biosphere Reserve

Marine Management in North Devon

North Devon Biosphere, commissioned as a pilot by UK government, is testing new approaches to applying Natural Capital approaches to managing the marine environment. The work is funded through the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund. The work encompasses surveying the marine habitats in the area, understanding the state of the  natural capital and the ecosystem… read more »

Kenwith Valley National Flood Risk Management

Background The Kenwith Valley has been identified as a catchment that would benefit from NFM measures, and has the advantage of being analogous to other rapid response catchment in uplands. The project will work with landowners to develop measures identified through desk studies completed, that include the EA NFM mapping products. The project will deliver… read more »

North Devon Biosphere Reserve

       Country England        Region/Province/ or State North Devon        Web Address        Date Founded 2002        Size (hectares) 380,140        Distinguishing Features the river catchments of North Devon feeding into the Atlantic Ocean and including the sea area to encompass the first marine reserve in the UK        Main Industries (in terms of employment) fishery, agriculture, tourism, industry   Biosphere… read more »