UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Programme

Golden Gate Biosphere Reserve

         Country United States of America        Region/Province/ or State California        Web Address https://farallones.noaa.gov/manage/goldengatebiosphere.html        Date Founded 1988        Size (hectares) 7,251,969        Distinguishing Features Northern California coastline and waters extending 200 nautical miles west in the Pacific Ocean.        Main Industries (in terms of employment) tourism, fishery, agriculture   Situated in North-Central California, the Golden Gate Biosphere represents a… read more »

EuroMAB 2021 September 13-17, 2021 Biosphere Reserve Nockberge

Biosphere Reserve Nockberge and Austria will host EuroMAB from September 13-17 2021. Check out this link to view the conference website or for information as it develops. But for now, check out the beauty of the biosphere, it may be all the inspiration you need to join us in 2021!   Biosphere Nockberge brochure Travel Information… read more »

Zero Plastic Working Group

A short introduction From the first steps taken with the island of Lanzarote and Marine Sciences For Society 10 years ago, the Zero Plastic Working Group was launched in May 2018 during the World Network of Island and Coastal BR meeting in Menorca. Now, following the Dublin Commitment made during the April 2019 EuroMAB Conference,… read more »

UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Programme

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) launched the Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme in 1970. UNESCO’s MAB Strategy 2015-2025 ensures that all 686 biosphere reserves within the world network are working collectively on four common strategic objectives: Conserve biodiversity, restore and enhance ecosystem services and foster sustainable use of natural resources;… read more »