Kristianstad Vattenrike Biosphere Reserve

Better balance and biodiversity in The River Helge å and Hanöbukten Bay

Biosphere for Baltic is a joint commitment initiated in June 2017 during the UN Ocean Conference. The Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB) in Sweden, the Swedish National Commission of UNESCO, and the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management joined forces to increase dissemination of good practices from UNESCO biosphere reserves in the Baltic… read more »

Kristianstads Vattenrike – The cranes

In late March/early April every year, Kristianstads Vattenrike is visited by thousands of cranes that stop to have a break on their long journey from southern Europe to their breeding locations in northern Sweden. The cranes rest in the floodplain meadows in the Pulken Nature Reserve. The meadows were restored by the municipality 30 years… read more »

Kristianstad Vattenrike Biosphere Reserve

       Country Sweden        Region/Province/ or State Skåne        Web Address        Date Founded 2005        Size (hectares) 104,375        Distinguishing Features lower drainage basin of the River Helge å in the Municipality of Kristianstad and the coastal waters of Hanöbukten Bay, which forms part of the Baltic Sea.        Main Industries (in terms of employment) hunting, fishery, tourism, agriculture, silviculture,… read more »