Fundy Biosphere Reserve

Climate Change in Atlantic Canada

Climate Change in Atlantic Canada Climate Change Education – Incorporating Local Climate Knowledge into the New Brunswick Education Curriculum Students in New Brunswick classrooms tend to learn about complex or major scientific events in the context of the United States or in the tropical rainforests of Brazil. The Fundy Biosphere Reserve wants to change that…. read more »

Amazing Places

The Fundy Biosphere Reserve is home to so many amazing places, we made a web series to highlight some of the incredible natural features! This series of short nature documentaries features amazing hiking destinations in the Fundy Biosphere Reserve:     1 – Mary’s Point Visit Mary’s Point & Johnson’s Mills and see millions of… read more »

Lieux Fantastique

Cette série de courts documentaires sur la nature présente de magnifiques destinations pour la randonnée dans la Réserve de biosphère de Fundy:   1 – Mary’s Point Visitez Mary’s Point & Johnson’s Mills : des millions d’oiseaux de rivage fréquent ces lieux lorsqu’ils reviennent aux vasières de la baie de Fundy. Regardez les oiseaux se… read more »

Fundy Biosphere Reserve

       Country Canada        Region/Province/ or State New Brunswick        Web Address        Date designated 2007         Size (hectares) 432,310        Distinguishing Features Acadian mixed wood forests, rugged coast line, extreme tidal ranges, salt marshes, tidal mudflats        Main Industries (in terms of employment) tourism, fishery The Bay of Fundy and its adjacent landscapes… read more »