After the Pandemic: Designing a Just and Resilient Economy for All

Content provided by  Kelly Cerialo, Co-Chair of the Champlain Adirondack Biosphere Reserve


The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the immense brittleness and vulnerability of the world’s economy. Extended supply chains have collapsed, many staples are in short supply, and life-saving healthcare in many countries is being rationed. In plotting a course forward, should world leaders aim for a return to an economic system that was so easily and greatly damaged, or should they consider this an opportunity to re-think just what an economy should look like, and how it should function? On March 27th 2020, ecological economist Jon Erickson from the University of Vermont, social economist Juliet Schor from Boston College, and interdisciplinary scholar Nate Hagens with the Post Carbon Institute joined a conversation moderated by Dale Willman, award-winning journalist and the Associate Director of the new Resilience Media Project at the Earth Institute at Columbia University. With crisis comes opportunity; perhaps this time it’s a chance to shape a new economic story to address both the current global health crisis and the growing climate emergency.