A Project Proposal for Further Interactive Science Atlas Development Including Coastal Marine and Greater Nova Scotia Coverage (1)2019-2021



The Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve  “Interactive Science Atlas” is a web-based software application providing unique access to georeferenced maps and information for scientists, planners, students, stakeholders, and landowners using computers and portable internet devices.

The project to develop the Interactive Science Atlas began in 2016 with the collaboration of the Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve Association (SNBRA), Nova Scotia Community College Centre of Geographic Science (COGS), and the Nova Scotia Department of Lands and Forestry.

The atlas makes use of ‘open-access science and data’, drawing upon information from multiple sources into a convenient, easy to use medium. Version 1.0 is being launched early in 2019 and will be publicly accessible online via the SNBRA website (swnovabiosphere. ca) and the following domain address: www.scienceatlas.ca

Project proposal (2019-2021):

Thereare further needs and opportunities associated with further Science Atlas project development:

For continued relevance the Atlas should be regularly updated and maintained to ensure programming functionality. Provision for implementing standardized information management systems and quality assurance procedures based on the ‘open science/open data’ concept can be developed to increase accessibility to high quality scientific information and data.

New interactive chapters including a proposed coastal marine component can be integrated, increasing the educational value and power of the atlas. Culturally significant resource sites can be identified and incorporated.

Additional map and information coverage could include the whole of the Province of Nova Scotia.

Teacher/Student Workbook

A workbook can be developed for classroom use that provides instructions on use of the ‘Southwest Nova Interactive Science Atlas’ in consultation with a committee comprised of educators including from the Mi’Kmaq community. The workbook can be tested at pilot-schools and modified based on feedback. Later, the finalized workbook can be presented at a teacher’s conference to expand the reach of the tool.

Public education and Interpretive Centre

The “Culture, Heritage, and Science Interpretive Centre” in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia will be developed as a permanent location for both education and communication programmes.  Large screen projection to demonstrate the “Interactive Science Atlas” and the “Touring Through Time/Une Tournee Dans L’Passe” Map App can encourage visiting tourists and residents to visit regional attractions and services. The facility will provide a location for schools, residents, and visitors to learn and connect with the SNBR.


SNBRAcontract with NSCC COGS

Potential Funding Partners via Contribution Agreement: to be determined

  • This project proposal is based on “project “B” of the Jan 3/19 “Plan to Advance Geographic Science, Sustainable Resource Management, and Education in the Kespukwitk Region, UNESCO Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve.”